OS4 Depot adds Aminet uploading

Date 17-Jun-2004 13:35:04
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

OS4Depot has added a first version of cross uploading to aminet. Please feel free to test it when you upload a file.

From the OS4 Depot main page:

17 jun 2004 , As some of you might have noticed I have now activated the cross uploading to aminet. What this option does is simply to send your file and a generated readme to us.aminet.net/pub/aminet/new once an administrator approves your file. The uploading hasn't been tested much so far and might be a bit shaky until it has gone through a few times. Please feel free to try it out for us. And remember that it is your responsibility to enter the aminet fields correctly, we will not screen them for you.

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