Interview Michael Ness about Mattathias BASIC

Date 20-Jun-2004 11:23:27
Topic: Software News

Saturday, 12 June 2004
Written by Patrick Wesseling

Read about the current state of "Mattathias BASIC" at the Flying Paper website.

It is a new Amiga version of Basic that is to be compiled to run on AOS4.0 (among others), which will be very similar to AMOS Basic. *** (It is unclear whether the programs produced will be compilable.)

This will be a significant boon to the newest version of the PPC Amiga Operating System (4.0) that will encourage a whole new generation of coders to apply themselves and their creativity to fun and/or useful applications, which they were wanting to produce, but couldn't due to the difficulties C/C++ and assembly pose to most people. Of course, this should have strong appeal to the current and long time users, as well.

This will increase greatly the amount of people that can contribute to the software pool that is necessary to be available for the current re-awakening of the once prominent Amiga OS.

Any contributions on your part will help make Amiga OS once again shine brightly, possibly moreso, to the computer enthusiast and greater user public, and draw people more quickly to our computer/OS platform.

This is the homepage of the Mattathias BASIC project.

AmigaOne! AOS4.0! It can/will/does work!

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