PicShow V1.31 Aos4 Native Released.

Date 21-Jun-2004 20:42:19
Topic: Software News

Also versions for 68k, PowerUp, WarpOS, MorphOS are also included in the archive.

New since Version 1.29:

- AmigaOS4 native version

- new version numbering (version 1.31 now has the internal version 31.x)

- interpolation does no longer block the whole computer on Picasso96 (needs
more memory)

- option menu divided into two menus

- picture list can be sorted by different criteria

- functions to control PicShow's window size on the Workbench

- new interpolation algorithms

- crop functions

- configurable user menu

- and much more


If you have not tried Picshow before now then its about time you did

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