TAM: Gasp! Wheeze! Gasp!

Date 24-Jun-2004 14:10:01
Topic: Announcement

That?s the sound of your post man delivering issue 18 of Total Amiga Magazine.
The reason he?s breathing so hard is because this is one of the biggest issues
we have ever produced!

Highlights of Issue 18:
In-depth Articles on OS4 Pre-release, how much more ?till it?s done??
Micro AmigaOne we play with it and and drool.
Creating PDF?s on your Amiga is it possible? It is, using output from Amiga
Applications such as, Wordworth, Final Writer and Pagestream.
?Time to bin Scala?? Hollywood 1.9 & Designer put through their paces.
Part 3 of Dave Pitcher?s, much acclaimed, programming in C tutorial.
Also Crossfire II, MorphOS and Pegasos II, Review of Amiga Forever 6 and much
Total Amiga Magazine, Issue 18, More pages! more articles!
Please be careful in lifting the magazine off the floor!

Total Amiga Magazine In the post July 9th

For more details please visit our website http://www.totalamiga.org

Total Amiga Magazine, anything else, just isn't

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