Malibu 1.1 released

Date 27-Jun-2004 21:43:14
Topic: Software News

Version 1.1 of the Malibu plugin for Hollywood is out now. With this plugin, Hollywood can read and display Scala scripts. The following things are new in Malibu 1.1:

- Support for curved fly-ons
- Many new Scala effects are supported
- General code optimizing; Malibu is faster now
- Several bug fixes
- More precise timing of Scala commands
- Better support for very old Scala versions (Scala 1.0, MM200)
- Better overall performance because of Hollywood 1.9 integration

This update is free for all owners of Malibu and can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage in the Malibu section. The update can be used with the AmigaOS3 and MorphOS binaries of Malibu 1.0. Please note that this update requires Hollywood 1.9. Malibu 1.1 does only work with Hollywood 1.9!

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