Amiga Future #49 Preview online

Date 28-Jun-2004 15:00:50
Topic: Announcement

Today the preview and reading/layout trial of the issue July/August 2004 #49
of the Amiga Future (German languaged Magazine) went online.

Besides a review of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-release you can find of course further
reviews/previews i.e. of Open Transport Tycoon, LGeneral, Barkanoidz 2,
Hollywood Designer, Amiga Forever 6.0 and much more.

On our cover cd you can find find lots of software covering many sections as
always. For example:

SView 5 with keyfiles, MyLocomotion, Video of the AmigaOS 4 Event in Essen,
AmigaOS 4 screenshot gallery.

A deeper summary of the magazine and the cover cd can be found on the
homepage of the Amiga Future.

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