Zeoneo releases "Invasion" for PocketPC

Date 30-Jun-2004 19:23:39
Topic: Software News

Twenty years ago terror stalked the skies whilst below, humanity cowered in fear. No, we are not talking about 'pouffy' hairstyles, shoulder pads and men wearing mascara. We are talking about Space Invaders.

We thought we had won. We thought they were beaten. Guess what? We were wrong.

In 2004, scientists detected new and strange signals coming from behind the moon. Some laughed, some cried, most ignored ... until it started.

Introducing the must have game for Pocket PC PDA and Windows PC owners from Zeoneo. Featuring:

* Multiple alien craft types, each with their own particular weapons, moves and intelligent behaviour.
* Super weapons, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
* Beautifully rendered locations.
* Unlimited levels.
* The mother of all motherships
* Explosion, smoke, particle special effects and much more.
* Rankings both by score and progress.
* Versions for PocketPC PDAs and Windows personal computers.

These aren't your parent's invaders though. Blocky pixels, the 'march of death' and stupid 'Mep Maw' noises are out of the window. These guys have smartened up. More attack patterns than a Kung Fu master, better looking than a bus full of supermodels and with more tricks up their sleeves than a Vegas magic show, these guys are back and they intend to do the business - in style.

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