Amiga Future Issue #49 (July/August) released

Date 12-Jul-2004 18:17:12
Topic: Announcement

Today the issue #49 (July/August) of the Amiga Future has been released.

Beside the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release review we have also a review of the Hardware-Assistent, Hollywood-Designer, Amiga Forever 6.0, Open Transport Tycoon and of course LGeneral this time.

The preview section including Barkanoidz 2, Port Royal and d3gnoop doesn't come too short.

Beside an interview with the programmer of AmiBlitz there are lots of other articles in the new issue of the Amiga Future.

You can find besides the many PD software titles also the Video of the AmigaOS4 Event in Essen, the full version of SView 5 and MyLocomotion.

The Amiga Future can be obtained directly from the editorial office as a subscription or single issue. You can choose whether you want to get it with a cover CD or without.

Following the URL you can get a deeper list of the content and also 4 sneak previews to read.

Additionally to the AmigaOS Pre-Release review we have set up a AmigaOS 4 Gallery on the Amiga Future homepage.

We have put the sold-out issue 31 online for all Amiga Future fans. You can read the issue usinf this URL:

Due to a recent event we have to mention that all issues (including those published on the homepage) are still under our copyright. You can read the issue for free but it is disallowed to distribute it on other homepages or CDs.

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