Amiga Demoscene Archive: Solskogen 2004 releases

Date 14-Jul-2004 16:21:33
Topic: Internet News

At Amiga Demoscene Archive, the best releases from the Solskogen 2004 demoparty have been added. These are:
- Finnmark / Ephidrena (a stunning 4k intro)
- Democratic / Nature (a nice oldskool style demo)
- Any One Of These Suckers / Ephidrena (the winning demo)

2004 is turning out to be a great year for the Amiga Demoscene, with the quality of the releases so far being very high.

Since the last news, the following releases have also been added:
- Museum / Alcatraz
- Own Love Balance / Madwizards
- Zero Gravity 2 / Scoopex
- Deep-The Psilocybin Mix/CNCD and Parallax

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