AmiWest 2004 Live Webcast

Date 15-Jul-2004 22:19:38
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The Amiga User Group Network (UGN) is proud to annouce the live internet broadcast of the AmiWest 2004 show starting July 24th. For the 7th year running the UGN will strive to provide updating webcam images, live audio and live video streaming coverage of the biggest North American Amiga show, AmiWest 2004. This years highlights will include Amiga OS4 demonstrations, MorhpOS demonstrations, live coverage of show floor annoucements, Garry Hare's banquet speech (Saturday) and a special live interview with Garry Hare (Sunday)!

Please visit for a schedule of events. As always this would not be possible with the assistance of others, namely,, Intuitionbase and NovaDesign. Without their support this could not happen.

As with shows in the past we will be streaming audio and video using the shoutcast technology. For the audio portion several programs are available for the Amiga (see, PC and Macintosh systems. We are planning to broadcast two streams, a low bandwidth version for dialup users and a higher bandwidth version for broadband users. For the video stream we use the NSV technology which currently is only viewable on Windows based systems running WinAmp (, we applogize for this inconvenience. The webcam is viewable under any web browser. For information on how to access the UGN internet broadcast please visit

About the UGN:

The Amiga User Group Network was formed during the Gateway days of the Amiga. Our goal was to assist with disemnating information to the Amiga Community via Amiga users groups. In it's prime the UGN had representatives around the world and serviced more then 400 user groups. Today the UGN is quietly waiting for the momentum to build with the Amiga Community to a critical mass. Starting in 1997 the UGN has provided live internet coverage of Amiga Shows around North America and Europe.

For any questions, comments or suggestions please contact:

Bill Borsari
tekmage (at)
UGN Director

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