A new issue of the Crypt is now out

Date 18-Jul-2004 9:38:23
Topic: Announcement

Issue 36, The Court of King Arthur is ready and waiting for you. Many platforms are covered in this issue including Linux, Amiga and PC. If you are using Linux based machine better read Mr. Uries excellent report on F-Prot a virus checker (can never be to careful). PC users are well catered for with various articles that we hope you will find helpful. I would recommend you read and perhaps save or print out the article "Home Page Hijacking". This is becoming an epidemic on the PC platform these days, and finding the file responsible can be a daunting task, If you don't know where to look.

Amiga users, are very well catered for in this issue. First we have a handy utility in Priman ...which allow you to "Kill" tasks similar to the PC ..So if Yam locks up, you can kill that task and continue downloading that file from the Aminet. Plus news of a FREE Amiga game called Hell Chess, and news of an ISP who wants to support the Amiga! Yes, you heard right! Come on in for all the details.

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