AmigaFuture 39 available soon

Date 26-Oct-2002 0:03:57
Topic: News

On November, 18th 2002, the 39th issue in the year 2002 of the Amiga Future magazine will be released.
From now on, a preview of the issue will be online from the Amiga Future homepage (reading samples will follow later)

The issue 39 has 8 additionaly special sites.

You can get the Amiga Future as a single magazine or as a subscription directly at the editorial office (complete with a CD Rom).
One issue without the CD rom costs Euro 3.90, with the CD 6.50.
Among other things there are the following articles in the magazine:

Test Software Tycoon
Test Aqua (deutsch)
Test Digital Almanac III
Test GoldEd 7 AIX
Test Thylacine 2
Special Jump n Run 2
Special Spiele Entwicklungen 3
Interview Steffen Huser
Solution FreeCiv
Workshop Datatypes

Fair preview of Aachen and 7 more previews of fairs/meetings
and many, many more.

On the CD ROM you can find not only the full versions but:
Shanghai Dragon, Lost Legends and StormC and much more software like: AMHuhn, Commodore64 gallery, new
AmigaFuture Song in MP3 format, movies and pictures of U.d.N. Videobrse 2002 in Bremen and so on.

Amiga Future Homepage

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