SpamFryer (0.3) released

Date 2-Aug-2004 13:18:53
Topic: Software News

Simon Goodwin has released the latest update to his email spam blocking software - SpamFryer.

Spam Fryer is an icon-launched script that automatically identifies spam and deletes it from your ISP's POP3 server. This third major version applies more than 100 rules to sift out spam, and can quickly be taught new rules by editing plain text files.

Deletes around 90 per cent of current spams (PC worms, junk mail offers, viruses etc) without needing to download more than a fraction of the messages.

Version 3 adds:
  • Ability to specify rules via 'keep' and 'lose' lists
    set within the script or from configuration files.
  • More than a hundred ready-made rules to sift wanted
    and junk mails, chosen to catch spam common in 2004.
  • Option to read account details from a separate file.
  • Improved log file output.
  • Optional interactive password entry.
  • New option to fry all mail to synthetic addresses.
  • Updated and improved documentation, including an
    indexed AmigaGuide.
  • Additional support for YAM, Miami and UAE users.

Click link to download SpamFryer (0.3) [77KB Lha]

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