Aweb 3.5.01b available

Date 9-Aug-2004 10:34:30
Topic: Software News

CHANGES FROM 3.5 to 3.5.01

One new feature (improved relocation handling) and a few bug fixes have been added since 3.5 beta. Here is a quick overview, see the Changelog at the end of this document for full details.

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AWeb relocation handling has been much improved, Temporarily moved urls are now temporary! They
are not cached and a second request to the original url will reload the document. Also the
relocated url is displayed under the name of the destination not the original request
(MSIE and mozilla both do this).

Thses changes mean a that many login systems work smoother without the need to manually refresh
pages. Another example is that the "Continue To Message" link on a yahoo advert now works.


A few enforcer hit type bug have been cleaned up resulting in improved stabilty.


A bug in the javascript Image() objects onerror handling was fixed.


The new background image handling did not update the backgrounds of Animated gifs


Two new charsets ahave been added as an interim fix to the problem of windows characters in
iso-8859-1 documents.

iso-8859-1 translates the extra windows characters from windows-1252 to near equivalents
(as the old compatable mode did, but with a few composite charatcers missing)
windows-1252 translates true windows-1252 docs to iso-8859-1

A more comprehensive charset solution is in the works...


Character refernces for unicode characters such as ? etc are now supported in all modes
and not just in strict. The ? reference should work now if you have the right fonts.

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