AmigaOne in Totally Clear Case @ next SEAL meeting

Date 9-Aug-2004 20:15:59
Topic: Events

Ever wanted to see an AmigaOne in a 100% Totally Clear Case, running OS4?

Well get your arse down to the Next SEAL meeting (Friday 13th) <<-- insert spooky music!

I (hyph-n / Nigel) will be bringing along my AmigaOne G4 that I have built & put into a 100% totally clear case. Complete with 12cm silent fan (size Does Matter!), glowing case lights, and DVD-RW drive.

The clear cases lets you examine the motherboard & all the good stuff from *any* angle.... curious? -- come on!... you know you want to see one..(!)

Sam will be bringing along his Pegasos/MorphOS system aswell...!!

If you are not there, then I'll expect a Sick Note from your Mum...!

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