Distributed LISP

Date 16-Aug-2004 1:41:44
Topic: Software News

Distributed LISP is a new scripting language inspired by Lisp (a minimal, fast Lisp interpreter).

If you have ever written an installation script for the Commodore Installer and its Lisp-like language, you know how such programs look like: a lot of parantheses but, on the bright side, no semicolons ;) Features: implemented as library (ie can be flushed if not needed), fast bytecode compiler, cache for tokenized code. The language is Rexx-enabled so that Lisp programs can be used for automation of other applications. A script written in Distributed LISP is two to three times faster than the same script written in Rexx, on 68k platforms.

Web site and download

MorphOS users can download an experimental PPC binary to replace the 68k binary in the archive (experimental in the sense that it is a stand-alone interpreter binary, not a library).

Distributed LISP is complemented by a Lisp mode for GoldED Studio (envLSP10), available on the GoldED web site, providing syntax highlighting and online help.

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