Amiga Demoscene Archive reaches 400 productions

Date 18-Aug-2004 10:29:36
Topic: Internet News

Yes, we did it! After what is probably our biggest update yet (7 productions added), we finally reach 400 (!) productions. If you like the site and appreciate the effort, please support it!!! We want your votes and comments :) Amiga Demoscene Archive.

In the last update, 7 productions were added:
- Headcase/Axis
- Baahl/Traktor
- Behind The Flute/Traktor
- Rink A Dink/Lemon
- Razorback/Reason
- Phi/Artwork
- Elektrik Baby/Da Jormas.

Other recent additions include:
- Zero/Universe (first OS4 demo)
- Rebirth/Push Entertainment
- Wessyde/RNO
- Major Release/Da Jormas
- Flow/Kangooroo
- Borst/Ephidrena
- Coma/Ephidrena
- Sun/Trsi
- Peanut/Efreet.

Some stats: 400 productions, 4113 screenshots, 67 logos, 380 users, 75 parties and 139 groups.

Meanwhile, the top 10 chart has changed a lot. Planet Potion is still head and shoulders above the competition with a faultless 5/5, Hardwired has settled in 2nd place and Future Visions from Potion has climbed up to 3th position.

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