Alchimie 4 Amiga show in France

Date 19-Aug-2004 20:51:45
Topic: Events

Last year, 225 people attended the Alchimie computer show in east of France. Come again to Tain-l'hermitage at 100Km below Lyon from the 24th to 26th of September.

Again a coding party will take place at the Alchimie which will bring to us a lof of productions and we hope to see some on Pegasos and AmigaOne, and on Old School machines (we wait C64 users).There are several prizes to win.

Some conferences are planned:

- game Destinea Wars,

- the CPC NG, the new version of CPC 464 and 6128,

- Amiga Os 4.0.

Amiga resellers will be there too Amont Informatique will come with their AmigaOnes.

Many surprises will wait for you so come and join us !!!

Alchimie 4

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