Expat XML parser for OS4

Date 23-Aug-2004 14:55:18
Topic: Software News

I recently finished porting expat 1.95.8 to AmigaOS 4.0 for developers that need a low level XML parser.

Just download the archive from OS4depot or Aminet, change to the amiga/ subdirectory and type 'make all'. To install type 'make install' and it will be ready to use with the OS4 SDK. See the makefile for more details.

Included along with the expat library itself is xmlwf, examples and a test suite. I tested the tools on a few XML files I had lying around (e.g. OS4 interfaces with DTD) and everything is working just fine on OS4.

Note you may want to edit the lib/amigaconfig.h file to remove DTD and/or
XML namespace support if they are not required by your application
for a slightly smaller and faster implementation.

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