STLport C++ library for OS4

Date 23-Aug-2004 15:55:57
Topic: Software News

This is a complete port of STLport 4.6.2 for AmigaOS 4.0 which may interest C++ developers.

Just download the archive from OS4depot or Aminet, cd to the src/ subdirectory and type 'make -f gcc-amigaos.mak' to make the link libraries. Type 'make -f gcc-amigaos.mak install' to install STLport into the OS4 SDK ready for use.

I've also ported the exception handling test suite which is included along with a makefile. Finally, the debug version of STLport is also supported with the necessary link library for squashing those nasty C++ standard library usage bugs.

Note that this is a complete port including the native STLport iostreams which are enabled by default. I have not done any testing of the GCC iostreams wrapper functionality.

From my own testing, I've seen a few kbytes difference in size between C++ apps compiled with the GCC 3.4.1 C++ standard library versus STLport. STLport apps are slightly smaller and usually faster.

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