'BIG Labor Day Sale!! Drastic DEEP discounts!! As cheap as $0.99!!'

Date 1-Sep-2004 19:44:27
Topic: Announcement

Anachronism Industries Inc is proud to announce a BIG Labor Day Sale!! Prices have been SLASHED up 50% or more on many items!

NEW Commodore 64 game pack - $0.99
Amiga 500 Power Supply - $2.00!
NEW RTC Battery - $5
NEW Prometheus PCI - $119.00
NEW Amiga compatible joystick - $5.00!
Amiga Forever FULL version - $49.00 (FREE SHIPPING)

And more!! Please check the LABOR DAY BLOWOUT section of our eShop! These prices are not loss leaders on a singe item! These are on items in stock of up to 50 pieces or more! More items may be added to this sale, feel free to keep making requests!


Did I really see that?!?


Yes you probably did! Amiga Forever FULL Version has been listed as an eBay Homepage Featured item! What this means is it is featured in searches, and also will likely show in rotation on eBay's homepage!

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