Issue 50 of Amiga Future released

Date 6-Sep-2004 23:01:32
Topic: Announcement

Issue 50 (September/October) of the german Amiga Future has been released today.

You can reach a deeper description of content using the following link:

You can order this issue (and of course older ones) directly from the editorial office.

It can be obtained as a subscription and as a single issue (with or without the cover CD).

Beside a report about the new features of OS4 you can find many other reviews and previews. And of course an interview with Michael Lanser, Realms of Power programmer, can't be missed.

We have a workshop fpr all the coders of you concerning the switch to AmigaOS 4.0 programming.

And last but not least: Due to the fact that the number 50 sounds so good we decided to give the Amiga Future a new layout. Patrick has worked hard and changed the look of the Amiga Future completely. We hope you like it like that.

We have uploaded issue 35 of the Amiga Future as a JPG file for reading.

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