ReactionChat released

Date 10-Sep-2004 1:24:31
Topic: Software News

I have just released a small reaction based IRC client for AmigaOS 3.x on my site.
ReactionChat Download

I started making an IRC client about a year or two ago. It was going to be based on Reaction, but I had problems with it.. clipboard support in the listbrowser class was a bit lacking.. when new text would appear in channel, the listbrowser would display it and bring that bottom new text into view - which makes it impossible to read the scrollback buffer in a busy channel

I couldnt figure out how to do nick completion with the string gadget class, and a few other things like that..... I'm still learning to program, so maybe these problems could have been worked around.. I'm not sure. But anyway, for those reasons I decided to switch to MUI. Well, this client has eventually become WookieChat .. it still needs a lot of work, but we're getting there slowly. Anyway, I've put the early Reaction version of my client online now. You can grab it from here . Raise the stack high before you run it. Some people like Reaction/Classact alternatives to MUI software. Well, ReactionChat is even more primitive and possibly more unstable than WookieChat, but its there for people to try out. As usual, its noncrippled shareware, but theres an option on the site to make small donations. Fanks.

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