AmiGBG 2004 - DVD!

Date 19-Sep-2004 23:13:04
Topic: Events

After a lot of hard work by AmigaOne Productions and the AmiGBG-team we are now excited to present the AmiGBG-DVD. It is a feature packed Dual DVD set with more than 3.5 hours of footage from the fair. Including presentations by IBM, Hyperion, Individual Computers, Cloanto, Universal Space and More! If you missed the fair don't miss this great opportunity! And even if you did visit AmiGBG 2004, this is the ultimate Souvenir.

Get your copy NOW from AmigaOne Productions(uk) or Gurumeditation(Swe). It's not expensive! The price may vary slightly due to different VAT etc.

DVD Facts
Number of discs : 2
Video Format : REGION FREE PAL
Approx Running Time : 228 Mins
Packaging : Standard Double Disk DVD Library Case

(Special offers including official AmiGBG T-Shirts and mugs will be available from from

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