Thunder Works Consider Port of Jet Thunder

Date 23-Sep-2004 13:32:35
Topic: Software News

As Amiga Flame reports this wonderfull 3d flight simulation is beeing considered ported to Amiga:

"In the AmigaOS forum, Steven Dobbs described how he had stuck with the Amiga platform until 1999 and that even now he still remembers the platform fondly. Although, Jet Thunder won't be in beta until 2005 and technical problems may prevent a conversion, Steven Dobbs with some help may bring this jet combat simulator to the AmigaOne."

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Jet Thunder is a project to create a realistic flight simulator based on the air war in the South Atlantic, in 1982 - the Falklands/Malvinas conflict. The team behind the game are military aviation enthusiasts, who have spent nearly two years designing this jet combat simulator to be as realistic as possible. The project's co-founder and main programmer, Steven Dobbs has revealed in an on-line forum that he is wondering whether Jet Thunder could be ported to the AmigaOne.

Jet Thunder will feature a range of single missions, based on historical missions, and even multiplayer modes such as dogfight room, cooperative, and online-campaign. There is also a complex Air-Sea-Battle campaign system in which a commanding AI will give orders to naval, air and ground AI units based in the current tactical situation, the player will fly in an environment that may change unpredictably, so the outcome of the campaign can be different.

Check out the Amigaflame site for more Information and pictures.

source: Amiga Flame.


This is exactly what we need, a flightsim in full 3d and with lovely gfx.

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