Metal Warrior Amiga V1.1 released

Date 23-Sep-2004 14:06:57
Topic: Software News

Metal Warrior Amiga V1.1 has been released. This is a game that will run on all Classic Amigas and it's a Shoot em Up / Adventure game ala Damage .

Read more for some info from its Homepage:

Metal Warrior Amiga V1.1

Originally written in 1993, improved and released in 2004
Compatibility: Kickstart 1.2+, 512KB minimum memory

Programming, graphics, music and sound effects by Lasse Öörni
Thanks to Xeron for OS-compatibility hints

Like its C64 counterpart, the game is set in the violent future. Ian, the hessian Avenger, sets out to exact revenge on those who attacked his band, and to uncover any larger conspiracies...

A multidirectionally scrolling action adventure. Released finally over 10 years after original completion, with some modifications (improved OS-compatibility, partially rewritten text, dead-end situations removed). Still, it's quite a weird and immature game so play at your own risk!

Homepage Link: (scroll down)

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