E3B and individual Computers join forces

Date 25-Sep-2004 19:59:12
Topic: Announcement

E3B and individual Computers have a long standing friendship reaching back to the year 2001 when E3B was founded.

When the USB-controller "SUBWAY" hit the market, the two companies worked together to ensure optimal cross-vendor functionality for a better customer experience. Resources and materials were shared for the manufacturing process.

Over time the cooperation was extended. Due to the great demand, E3B started another production run of the "SUBWAY". This production brings the two companies even closer together when synergy effects of a joint PCB production are used to keep prices low while improving the quality. It were the good direct contacts of individual Computers to the chip manufacturer Transdimension (USA) that made the continuation of the SUBWAY possible.

Both sides are looking forward to further cooperations and are currently evaluating possibilities for joint developments.

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