New AmigaOne firmware available

Date 6-Oct-2004 11:54:46
Topic: hardware OS4

Leuwen, Belgium - October 6th 2004.

In preparation for the upcoming update of Amiga OS 4.0, Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the much improved U-Boot 1.1.1 for AmigaOne SE and XE motherboards.

New features include:

* Support for multiple graphics cards. At this time the last graphics card (usually the AGP card) is used for primary display. Later versions will include an option to choose.
* Support for booting off a Silicon Image 0680 IDE controller. This feature has to be selected manually at the moment, by entering setenv ide sii from the U-Boot shell.
* New CPU support: IBM PowerPC 750GX is now fully supported.
* A problem has been fixed that made the U-Boot environment settings unavailable when rebooting from Linux.
* Support for LBA48 IDE Drivers, i.e. you can now boot off drives that are bigger than 160 GB.
* Support for the new Second-Level Bootloader (that can boot Linux besides AmigaOS), to be distributed with the upcoming AmigaOS 4 update.
* Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

The new U-Boot will be required for the upcoming update of Amiga OS 4.0, to be released shortly to registered AmigaOS 4.0 pre-Release owners.

The download is available in our Downloads section.


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