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Date 9-Oct-2004 12:02:49
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

I've been having a really busy week updating the OS4Depot website recently. There's a brand new service plus some new features on the site.

New Service! SourceDepot

This is intended to be a center for all kinds of source code that could be ported or have been ported to AmigaOS4. If you have some sources for a program you want ported or for something you don't have time supporting any more, then publish it on SourceDepot. Or if you simply wants to make your work open source then your welcome to publish it as well. It's not intended for mammoth stuff like the mozilla source code or Open Office. Though I might add a link publishing feature in the future for big projects like that.

New OS4Depot features

- I've added a download statistics page on the main site. It shows the montly download attempts on files. Look here for an example.

- It's now easier to replace an earlier version of your uploaded archive. Just go to the readme page of your file and press "Replace". The readme page can be reached by pressing the little odd character to the left of a file description in any file list.

- New info page where you can find useful information about the site, including a set of banners that you can use on your website to link to OS4Depot. If you want to create a new banner for us and publish it on that page then you're more than welcome to do so. Just upload it via the submit page.

Aminet and AmigaShare cross uploading

For quite some time I've been unable to upload anything to both Aminet and AmigaShare but all files are kept in the upload queue until those websites are up again.

Thanks all!
I'd like to thank everyone that has uploaded files to OS4Depot. It's you who are making the site into a success! We recently reached the 100 file landmark thanks to you all and hopefully we'll reach 200 easely once the prerelease update is out.

And also thanks everyone who has sent in suggestions and helped me test the site while I've been updating it.

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