NewsRog goes Open Source

Date 12-Oct-2004 14:32:48
Topic: Software News

The best news client available for the Amiga has just gone Open Source
under the GPL license. Point your browser to:

Don't be surprised if you see 0 CVS commits listed there, is very slow... the sources are there in the repo.

At the present time the sources do NOT build out of the box, as some makefile(s) are missing. That said, they are entirely C and used to build with SAS/C.

The NewsRog Open Source team is currently formed by Jens Langner and myself. Jens is the only programmer, and since his plate is quite full already, we need help from other evelopers to first make the project build and then convert it to GCC.

A new user mailing list has been set up to stay away from Yahoogroups.
is the place to go.

Many thanks, Steve, for making it possible.

NewsRog Open Source Team

Jens Langner
David Rey

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