OS4 needs translators!

Date 5-Feb-2003 0:31:53
Topic: Announcement

David Rey posted this on the Amiga OS4 mailing list on yahoo.

"Translators are needed for OS4 to take care of some languages where the
ATO can't help at the moment.

These are the languages needing fresh new
people and the number of translators currently working on them:

- Bosnian (1)
- Croatian (0)
- German (0)
- Hungarian (0)
- Norwegian (1)
- Persian (0)
- Portuguese (1)
- Swedish (0)


- AmigaOS 3.9 with BB#2 installed
- PGP 2.6.3 key or compatible
- NDA on file with Amiga, Inc.

Translators can also double as betatesters if they so desire. Joining
the ATO is also optional, but we really could do with more members.
If you feel like this is the job for you, please drop me a mail."

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David Rey
OS4 Translation Coordination

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