Catweasel Flipper mailing list

Date 5-Feb-2003 0:56:37
Topic: Hardware News


A group has been created on yahoo groups for support of the Catweasel MK3 Flipper card.

As the name already tells, it's a PCI board for modern PCs, MACs and the new computers AmigaOne and Pegasos. The surname "Flipper" suggests that there's more to this interface. The new Catweasel is a so-called flipcard, it can be plugged into the Zorro-slot of a classic-Amiga. Even if you don't have one of these bus systems, there's another connector for the clock-port of an Amiga 1200 - a small pin header on the
motherboard of the computer that's connected with a cable.

You can access it by going HERE.

Or sending a mail to join to..

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