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Date 5-Nov-2004 1:48:54
Topic: Hardware News

Digital PowerHouse offers a new digital media center case for use with Mini-ITX Boards, and fits well with the uA1.

The micro-A1 is currently sitting happily inside an Eve Media Box case.

The micro-A1 gives you two options, connect to a monitor or to a TV. If you have the money and the space, go for a plasma TV or a LCD TV. With built in monitor ports these TVs will act as a monitor for your Amiga.

Digital Powerhouse provide a sexy Computer case that supports mini-itx, mini flex-atx, flex-atx and μATX(uATX) motherboards.

# Compact Size - Similar to standard DVD players and Video Cassette Recorders - 430x370x90 mm
# Housing for internal LCD Panel and IR receivers
# Standard 5.25" CD-Rom drive bay
# HiFi style feet as standard
# Front 2x USB and 2x 1394 (firewire) module available
# Hidden DVD/CD-Rom behind front panel, panel automatically opens and close
# smart card reader embedded to the case

The Eve Media Box supports some fantastic embedded hardware.
A custom made internal USB DVB Digital TV card is also available. Linux drivers are currently being written so if anyone is up to the challenge of getting this tastey bit of hardware to work on OS4 please send me a mail. Thanks.

People are running away from Windows and Windows Media Center to Linux. But the Amiga OS4 is a platform which is just perfect. Turn on, its on, Turn off its off. No loooong boot up waits and even worst LOGGING OFF? When I turn off my VCR I dont remember having to wait for it to log off.

The Eve Media Box costs only 85.
Visit www.digitalpowerhouse.net for more info.

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