Amiga Future issue #51 ist out

Date 5-Nov-2004 14:55:38
Topic: Announcement

The issue #51 (november/october 2004) of the Amiga Future is out since today.

This means that all single orders, subscriptions and dealer shipments have been brought to the postal office.

The Amiga Future can be obtained as a single issue or as a subscription. The user can choose if he wants to receive it with a cover CD or not.

Besides a short review of the AmigaOS 4 Prerelease update you can find reviews of Global Gladiators, MYKlondike, Bolcatoid and Episode Album.

But previews won't come too short either.

The editorial office has collected much information concerning the new hardware manufacturer and his STB hardware. Of course there is also information about Wizard Grounds and Jet Thunder.

Besides some show reports, news and the last part of the Amiga History you can find of course an interesting special in the Amiga Future again. This time it covers the history of roleplaying games.

You can read a deeper description of the content of the new issue and some tryouts on:

This issue (and of course subscriptions :)) can be ordered directly in our new online shop.

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