Ottawa Amiga Show: OS 4.0 Presentation Schedule

Date 8-Nov-2004 23:03:12
Topic: Events

Thinking of OS 4.0? Or the MicroA1?

The Ottawa Amiga show will feature two demonstrations of the Amiga OS 4.0 (beta). The presentations will be conducted by developers Adam Kowalczyk and Steven Solie, both of which are deeply involved in bringing OS 4.0 to the AmigaOne.

The schedule is first, an overview into the basics of OS 4.0, and the second presentation will offer OS 4.0 in more depth.

Furthermore, AmigaOne Micro "C" boards will be available for you to see and purchase at the show. Local AmigaOne reseller Livewire Systems will be on hand, offering attendees special show deals, including AmigaOne Micro "C" motherboards and systems.

Show opens at noon, everyone is welcome, and there is no admission fee.

See the website for more details, at

Show schedule, maps, hotels, and after show events are detailed on the show's website.

Saturday, November 20 2004, the Ottawa Amiga Show.
See you there.

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