The SAFIR confederation.

Date 14-Nov-2004 17:20:03
Topic: Announcement

The SAFIR confederation has gathered all the Amiga clubs of Sweden in one place. A portal has emerged with news, meetings, discussions and projects that concern the Amiga. With modern hardware like the AmigaOne and a modern PowerPC native operating sytem like AmigaOS4, we have once again a bright future ahead. The portal is in Swedish only.

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United we stand, divided we fall.

It has been a turbulent time these last few years for the Amiga. Our dear platform has been ripped and torn to pieces, even dragged to court, all for nothing. Now that the fog of war has settled, there is a huge need to gather our forces for something much more important than winning or losing.

Some of the areas of interest for SAFIR:

o Azine - To help the best Amiga magazine in Sweden evolve.
o AmiGBG - To make certain the success with the Swedish Amiga fair continues.
o Bringing resources and assets together for development.
o Software rebates - Through coordinated orders of software we can get group discounts.
o AAA - Perhaps we'll resurrect the "Trippel A - awards".
o Meetings IRL, at computer parties, minihacks, and why not a Christmas gathering! :)

The Portal contains among other things:

o News
o Forums
o "My page"
o Private Messages
o Blog (web-log)
o Project pages (*)
o Hardware database (*)
o Gallery (*)
o File area (*)

(* Features currently beeing developed)

If You look at the Amiga related efforts in Sweden the past two years, You will realize the marvelous development! New Amiga clubs, the annual fair AmiGBG that creates envy among Amigans worldwide, OS4 on Tour, OS4 pre-release parties, minihacks and computer parties in abundance, just to mention a few.

The Amiga is on it's way back, no doubt about that.

Are You ready?

Note: SAFIR will also work closely with other platforms. There is already an ongoing cooperation with a few Linux associations and this list will grow considerably in the future. For the Amiga(R) to grow as an alternative platform we need to attract new developers. SAFIR is a part of that effort.

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