Elbox ships FastATA 1200 MK-III

Date 17-Nov-2004 1:37:10
Topic: Hardware News

Elbox Computer is now shipping the new Fast ATA 1200 MK-III controller, the latest addition to the Fast ATA line of ATA drive controller products for Amiga Classic computers.

The Fast ATA 1200 MK-III controller provides high performance support for up to four ATA/IDE storage devices running up to five times faster than the standard Amiga 1200 IDE controller. Fast ATA 1200 MK-III has a new redesigned printed circuit board and new firmware, which results in enhanced performance with lower processor load when compared against earlier FastATA 1200 versions.

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? Amiga 1200 in a standard desktop case or in a tower case

The package contents:
? Fast ATA 1200 MK-III controller
? Floppy disk with:
- AllegroCDFS and
- FastATA'99 software
? One 60cm 80-wire ATA-133 cable
? User's Manual

For more information about the Fast ATA 1200 MK-III controller, please visit the Elbox website at www.elbox.com/products/fast_ata_1200_mk3.html.

For photo of the Fast ATA 1200 MK-III controller, please refer to the Elbox website.

Pricing and availability:
The FAST ATA 1200 MK-III controller is now shipping at the suggested retail price of EUR 69.95 (VAT excl.) To locate an authorized distributor in your area visit the Elbox Computer website at www.elbox.com/buy.html.

To purchase the product online visit the Elbox Online Store for European Union customers or for customers from other countries.

Ordering before 30 November you can take the opportunity of our FREE Shipping Birthday Promotion.

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