Ottawa Amiga Show: AmigaOne Micro "C" show pricing

Date 18-Nov-2004 11:21:28
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Interested in purchasing an AmigaOne Micro C motherboard or system? Or seeing the first boards in North America? Or just the future of Amiga computing?

As an added attraction, AmigaOne Serial Number 1 will be at the Ottawa Amiga Show.

I am posting this information those seriously interested in purchasing an AmigaOne Micro "C", so you will have an idea of costs and the payment methods available. You should also take into account the exchange rates for the Canadian and American dollar.

AmigaOne Micro "C" boards will be available for purchase at the show. Local AmigaOne reseller Livewire Systems will be on hand, offering Ottawa Amiga Show attendees special show deals.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Micro A1 pricing from Livewire Systems!

Livewire Systems has announced their show specials on the AmigaOne Micro "C" motherboards and systems.

AmigaOne Micro "C" Motherboard:

Package includes AmigaOne Micro "C" motherboard, 256M of RAM, and OS4.

Ottawa Amiga Show AmigaOne Micro "C" Special Show Price: $1000.

(C$1000 in US Funds is about $840 as of Nov 17. Your price will vary depending on current exchange rates.)

Complete AmigaOne Micro "C" Systems, from $1300. For more details: for more info.

All prices do not include any applicable taxes, or shipping. If applicable, Ontario Sales Tax and Federal GST are 15% of the purchase price.

Livewire Systems is offering a 5% discount for cash. Terms: Cash (Canadian funds, cheque, money order, or travellers cheques.)

For more details, contact Livewire Systems directly at

(This information is posted for reference purposes only. E&OE. Exchange rates are subject to change and may incur additional fees at your bank.)

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