Audio Evolution 4.0 for OS4 released!

Date 23-Nov-2004 7:44:12
Topic: Software News

We are proud to announce that today, the audio harddisk recording and editing software Audio Evolution 4.0 has been released.

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Since the last update about 3 years ago, Audio Evolution has undergone a significant amount of enhancements, besides the port to AmigaOS4 native. The most prominent are non-linear non-destructive editing, effect automation, automation recording, unlimited undo, MIDI remote control and updates to the GUI. Also smaller enhancements like a metronome, many grid options, track height adjustment, improved automation editing on the timeline and new effect plug-ins etc. are included. Audio Evolution 4.0 now also comes with a brand new manual in PDF format which is also used as online help.

For people who haven't seen Audio Evolution 4 yet, there is a demo on the OS4 pre CD, an updated demo (with bugfixes) on our website and you can find some screenshots here:

You can order directly from the distributor Computer City (, mail to or ask your local dealer. Registered users of Audio Evolution 3 will get a discount. Prices are 149 euro for new users and 70 euro for upgrades. A printed manual can be purchased separately for a small additional cost. Please ask your dealer for more information.

For more information please visit or contact us at

Davy Wentzler

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