FPSE - Free/Final PlayStation Emulator Database Design Update.

Date 20-Nov-2004 0:32:11
Topic: Software News

After alot of back and forth The New FPSE database Website is ready.

FPSE has been out for AmigaOS4 since this summer and we have seen updates continuously to this wonderful emulator, but the main thing for many was questions like "Does this game work?" or "How well does that game work?" etc., and that was the reason why THE FPSE DATABASE for the Amiga Community was created.

Thanx to OleEgil we had a preliminary FPSE database up within a few days and it did the job nicely for a while but we needed more and OleEgil was a busy man so I announced that we needed some help and maybe some webspace for a new site and thats what this announcement is about.

So far The Database has 355 games in it and new things like accounts and most of all it is able to sort "by" Date, submitter and state.

The FPSE Database is located here

FPSE the emulator can be located Here

The Database is hosted by Amidog and it was made by Martin Bergmann.

Ok so now it's time, register an account and start adding more games to the database!

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