Date 23-Nov-2004 14:22:19
Topic: Announcement

The Above Average Total Amiga Magazine has reached the age of Na - Na - Na - Nineteen!

Yes 19! -19th Issue of Total Amiga Magazine is now at the printers and will be dispatched on Monday 6th of December.

Amigans everywhere will rejoice in their prime, as they look forward to these tasty morsels.....

A round up of news items in the Amiga world since issue 18.

New for Issue 19! Interviews

  • Bill Panagouleas - Head honcho of DiscreetFX, behind AmiZilla etc.
  • Kermit Woodall - of Nova Design: ImageFX, Aladdin etc


  • AmiWest show reports.
  • Mick Sutton's Tale of Woe (Mick's experience with his dead A1 CPU card
  • Open Video Toaster
  • OS 4 Update - Update on pre-release update 1 and OS 4 native applications in development.
  • OS 4 on Classic - Running the development version of OS4 on an A1200/Blizzard PPC.


  • Canon A80 digital camera.
  • Canon i560 printer and borderless printing mini-tutorial.
  • Amiga Explorer 6 CD - addition to my review last issue covering the additional CD content.
  • Philips EXP 431 mini CD MP3 player.
  • ShowGirls - MorphOS picture viewer.
  • EastDisk USB flash drive.


  • File and Printer Sharing with Envoy tutorial
  • Audio Compression tutorial
  • C Programming tutorial part 4

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