YAM Newsletter #15: new webpage and discussion forum online

Date 24-Nov-2004 13:32:58
Topic: Announcement

Today the YAM development team released the new official YAM Newsletter #15 in which the fully redesigned homepage http://www.yam.ch/ as well as the availability of a new web based discussion forum - http://forum.yam.ch/ is announced.

Every user is asked to contribute to this new webpage as it is based on a wiki engine to which every user has access to. Together with this two new services, the YAM team announces that the automatic nightly builds are now available under the new address http://nightly.yam.ch/. They also mention a new logo contest that is currently running due to the fact that they are searching for graphic artists designing a complete new logo for their project.

Read the full text of the newsletter:


*YAM newsletter #15*
November 24, 2004

Welcome to the 15th issue of the YAM newsletter. These mailings are sent
in irregular intervals to the YAM users' mailing list and to the
"yam-announce" mailing list. To subscribe to any of these lists, follow
the instructions given at http://www.yam.ch/ - to unsubscribe, read the
instructions at the end of this message.


1. New support homepage online: http://www.yam.ch/
2. New web based discussion forum online: http://forum.yam.ch/
3. Nightly build homepage now available at http://nightly.yam.ch/
4. Wanted: Designs for a new official YAM logo (logo contest)


1. New support homepage online: http://www.yam.ch/

Since 18th November 2004 a completely redesigned support homepage is now
online and officially available at http://www.yam.ch/. This new homepage
is based on a wiki engine which allows quite easy to modify any content.
Also, like other wikis on the net, this web page allows to change and/or
add any type of content by *any* visitor, even guests.

The new homepage and the use of a wiki engine should keep this official
support site more flexible and easily maintainable by anyone and not
just the webmasters. We believe that by using a wiki instead of a static
homepage each YAM user can contribute to the success of his favorite
email client himself. Especially for sections like a frequently asked
question (FAQ) section we believe this can get very handy as a user may
add a question himself and let others answer these questions without
having to bother the core developers. But also other sections might
profit out of it and grow up automatically with the increased interest
of each user wanting to make the support homepage a better place for

So please, if you browse through the new web pages, please consider
modifying, adding or even correcting information as you move on. And
even if you have an idea for a completely new section on the web page,
go on and add it if you feel this information can be helpful for other
YAM users as well.

You are the YAM community! So please, do contribute...

2. New web based discussion forum online: http://forum.yam.ch/

In parallel to the release of the new web pages, we installed a new
service on our server which allows to provide web based discussion
forums like it is common with many other open source projects out there.
Different main topics are currently available at http://forum.yam.ch/ on
which each registered user can discuss and find help or information on

Even if we already have a very well populated user mailing-list
installed at freelists.org, this web based forum might be interesting
for our users as well, as it is not only more flexible than a
mailing-list, but also makes it more easy to browse through the
different topics.

So please, no matter if you are already a subscribed user of the
mailing-list, or if you are just new to YAM, consider registering to
this new provided web based service as we consider it the new official
support platform for YAM. As time passes, this forum might carry very
important and interesting information through which a user might browse
and search quite easily and probably find other users which solved the
same problem or experience.

Please try it!

3. Nightly build homepage now available at http://nightly.yam.ch/

In our previous Newsletter #14 we already discussed a new nightly build
service were we provide automatically compiled builds via a web based

In the process of the re-hosting of the yam.ch domain, we took the
opportunity to change the previously announced address to something more

Therefore the nightly builds are now available at http://nightly.yam.ch/

4. Wanted: Designs for a new official YAM logo (Logo contest)

During the rework of the YAM support homepage, we ran into the situation
where we had to place a logo at the top of our pages. However, after
searching we found only one logo that partly fitted our requirements.

Therefore we think, now that YAM is open source for almost 4 years now,
it is time for a new official logo that might not only be used on our
web pages, but also in the YAM binary on several places.

So, if you feel the same way and you are a graphics artist with some
time to share, than please take the opportunity to prepare such a new
logo for our logo contest we are running right now. However, please make
sure you generate a high color logo (>256 colors) that might compete
very well with the currently used logo on our web pages. And also have a
look at our discussion forum where we started an own thread on the logo
contest to which you can post a link to your design, so that others can
review them.

For the YAMOS team,
Jens Langner

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