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Date 30-Nov-2004 6:36:11
Topic: Hardware News

The first sunday in advent is already over, the downtown areas have been equipped with christmas decoration, and the production for this year's christmas business is running at full speed at Individual Computers.

We're especially happy to announce that despite the two competing products in the market, the flash-card "Kickflash OS4" has been selling so well, that a second production run was necessary. The new cards have already been shipped to our retail partners last week, so there should not be any delays by now. Kickflash is shipped with 1MB flashrom space, the recommended retail price is 34,90 EUR.

The betatest-phase of the C-One also made a successful start. Since the beginning of this month, everyone can buy the world's first computer that is purely based on programmable logic. This means that the computer can even start without a processor chip! The board itself will not experience changes any more - the hardware is final. During the beta-phase, there will be core-updates that can be downloaded from the C-One website, and transferred to the C-One using off-the-shelve mass storage media like CF cards or CDs. The board is shipped with a CPU/RAM card with a 65816 processor and 128K superfast S-Ram. The price of 269,- EUR includes a PS2 memory module for a short time.

We also had to make a new production run for our most successful product for the C64 so far: During this summer, the last unit of the Retro Replay was sold. As a distinctive mark for the third production run, we have changed the colour again: The Retro Replays from 2001 have been shipped in black. The second production run from the year 2003 was built on blue circuit boards. Starting now, the Retro Replay is available in shiny red! The complete sellout of the second production run also means that there will be another party sponsored by individual Computers, organized together with the scene-group CyberpunX. Just like during the Pentecost weekend of this year, the party will take place in an old air-raid bunker from worldwar II in Bochum, Germany. The date has already been set to june 10th to june 12th, 2005, and not only Retro Replay owners are invited! More information can be found on the party-website party-website.

"Last not least" we want to inform you that the release of the Catweasel MK4 is delayed a bit. Parts of the production had to be moved to Far East in order to keep the announced price of 99,- EUR. For the first time, we will only use lead-free materials with the exception of only two components. With this new approach, we are preparing for the new laws that will become effective in 2006. The new release date of the Catweasel MK4 has been set to the third week of december, so it should arrive at our retail partners just in time for Christmas. A pre-production run of Catweasel MK4 controllers has already been finished late october of this year, and many of those controllers have been shipped to developers for free.

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