New version of Blobwars 0.98.1 available

Date 1-Dec-2004 14:09:03
Topic: Software News

A new version of Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid is available from

Get the new version from here (and READ the Readme.txt).

NOTE: Because of internal structure changes old savegames are INCOMPATIBLE with this version! Please either start the game from scratch again or stay with version 0.96.2.

Additional note for that people who already screwed their savegames (some symptoms are, that sound isn't working anymore and the option screen is screwed): I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but it was a minor change in Blobwars with big impact on the savegames.. and as this was not mentioned in the official changelog explicitly, i simply overlooked it while updating the source code

I wrote a (terrible) quick&dirty program which should be able to recover much enough of the corrupted savegame to fix the options and sound problem. Though, the drawback: all your statistics will be screwed. You can get it here. And be sure to read the README.1st... it's *really* quick&dirty!

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