AMIGAplus 12/2004 (#153) - Amiga Office

Date 4-Dec-2004 19:24:15
Topic: Announcement

Issue 12/2004 (#153) of AMIGAplus will be released next week including a special about office software for the Amiga.

Content: papyrus Office (review), ignition (preview), Xbaze (review), Amiga as a photo modell (workshop), Olof Gustaffson (interview), christmas guide (special), OS4 compatibility check (service), Articia P in detail (report), Oskar Fischinger (retrospective), The MorphOS Revolt (status report), demoscene 2004 (status report), shareware of the month, news from emu-land, UAE configuration file part 2 (workshop), news from the Amiga market (news), OS4 network developing (workshop) and much more.

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