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Date 13-Dec-2004 8:38:42
Topic: News

After being up and running for about one and a half month UtilityBase has grown more mature and useful for developers. Lots of new features are added to the site and suggested enhancements are made. It's got almost 80 members (and counting) which is promising for the first Amiga development site intended to gather and provide development related material for all Amiga-like systems.

Some of the hilights are full source highlighting and comprehensible quoting in forums and article sections, open-minded atmosphere spanning from MorphOS to AmigaDE, AROS to AmigaOS, an own forum for making your apps platform independent, article commenting integrated in forum to avoid comments "disappear", skinability and competent members ready to help out.

Updates in detail follow:

- Added possibility to comment on articles
- Article items can now have several topics
- Added possibility to rate articles
- Added counters to articles to show how popular they are.
- Login problems should've been cured
- Main skin is now the neutral color green (#amigazeux)
- You can now select your preferred skin color for the site
- Message editing in the forums has [quote] and [csource] icons (RobinC)
- The bbcode help includes [quote] and [csource]
- [quote] and [csource] should work both in articles and forums flawlessly
- You are now able to preview posts before posting (SiegeL)
- Added thread navigation beneath threads (jahc)
- Added the possibility to choose wether the front page forum overview brings you to the oldest or newest post in settings (jahc)
- Individual member view and overview is implemented
- You can now edit your settings ;)
- Added category view over articles plus likns to them in the main menu
- Added "Who's Online" functionality, or the "Big Brother" functionality.
- Added "More.." field to cateogry boxes to easy nagivation (RobinC)
- Title banner now links to main page for better navigation (tokai)
- New forums: Platform independent C/C++ Development (RobinC) and more...
- Added more forum icons and made them larger.
- Article views are now counted and shown.
- Added RSS feed

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