Date 13-Dec-2004 17:41:29
Topic: Internet News

At the homepage the following statement has been made:

szombat, 4 december 2004, 03:21 DU

I don't care about now...
Seeya soooooon, or never...

Its a sad day for the Amiga Programming World as one of the best Amiga oriented programming Reference sites has been closed.

As a programming myself I immediately contacted myself to find out whether the source of the site could be passed to another host, their response was:


I'm thinking on to release the engine and the database soon...


Hopefully this will happen as this was a great site for referencing all the amiga programming commands, and also the superb GCC package they put together for UAE and classic Amigas.

Lets all share our amiga love to get it back online

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