Software updates for muFS and FFS

Date 9-Feb-2003 0:21:30
Topic: Software News

MultiUserFileSystem Update
muFS patch V45.14 BETA - MultiUser patch for the OS3.5 and OS3.9 FFS.
Unofficial patch for the 45.13 FastFileSystem (AOS3.9 BB2)

FFS patch V45.14 BETA - Bugfix patch for the OS3.9-BB2 FFS

The FastFileSystem shipped in OS 3.9 BB2 (V45.13) has a bug in the disk validator code. A memory buffer that is allocated for the validation is later freed with a wrong smaller size, causing a memory leak as well as a mismatched FreeMem() report from debugging tools like MuGuardianAngel and MungWall.

For more information on the patches go here for muFS or here for FFS v45.13

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