Pagan Games needs developers.

Date 15-Dec-2004 11:06:30
Topic: Announcement

Pagan Games are looking for a wide range of people to join our development community to begin work on a new project and to assist in the resurrection of some of our older titles we have on our books.

With the uncertainties of the Amiga market of late and of anything DE becoming commercially viable, we have kept a low profile to allow the mobile and PDA markets for other platforms, as well as DE specific, to mature.

We have recently secured a deal with a new online distribution service which we believe will offer us a good outlet for our products and as such we are looking for coders and artists to join our existing team.

The project is to begin in January 2005 and is expected to take up to 4 months to complete (estimate). It is a small PDA/Desktop project not a full blown game project.

As with our previous commercial projects, this is a royalty based project, no one gets paid until the product starts to sell, us included.

We require coders with experience in C++ and/or Java for DE and/or Win32 platforms. You will need to show us experience in game development or extensive usage of 2D graphics libraries and manipulation, in your chosen language. Ideally we are looking for a C++ coder, but are flexible on your chosen language.

We require artist(s) who can create 2D gui interfaces, layouts, logos etc. Any previous experience of creating anything with a space shoot-em-up theme would be ideally suited for this position.

We also require the modelling of 3D objects, again in a space theme (ships, planets, objects etc) by the same artist or by a dedicated 3D modeller.

All rough designs will be given to you as a foundation to work from; you own flair of design will also be needed and expected.

The design of this project is complete and we are aiming to hire the artist(s) first to begin work immediately on the visuals then to begin coding work once 50% of the visuals are complete. This means the coder will be able to develop with "signed off" graphics without the need to wait for visuals to be developed.

A good understanding of written English is essential. A good sense of humour is also required! Meetings are held on-line via IRC, and our own mailing lists and newsgroups, so a reliable internet connection is also required.

We all work remotely, there is no central office (but you probably guessed that already) so we do not mind what hours you work so long as you can keep your deadlines and can arrange a meeting with the rest of team when it's mutually convenient for us all. Meetings are held on a regular basis depending on your workload and requirements, however, we will aim to give you enough design to work on your own with little need from supervision by us.

If you think you are the person we need to hire, then please send us an e-mail to with a short resume/CV with example work.

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