individual Computers: Catweasel MK4 delayed, C64 products on time

Date 16-Dec-2004 22:55:20
Topic: Hardware News

Bad news first: Unfortunately, one of our suppliers did not ship in time, so the production of the Catweasel MK4 could not start at the planned time. Due to this delay, we can't ensure that all our customers will have the controller under their christmas tree. The soonest day of shipment is december 23rd, but it's more probable that shipping starts between christmas and the new year.

The time that we already rented on the assembly machines is put to good use: In the past days, the last networking card for the C64 "RR-Net" has been sold, so there would have been a delivery bottleneck if the new production run would have been started as planned early 2005. The second production run of RR-Net networking cards can now be brought forward, so the network-bundle for the C64 that we're offering since september 2003 is kept available without any interruption.

Developer Oliver Achten has finished his first product that will be produced by individual Computers: MMC64 is an MMC- and SD-card interface for the C64 computer. It uses the multimedia and Secure Digital flash cards that are known from the PDA world. That means that after you power up the computer, you can access any MMC or SD card that's FAT16-formatted - up to the size of 4GB! The built-in and flashable BIOS with integrated file browser allows the user to load games and other programs, play SID-files with the built-in player, or write D64 images to a floppy drive.

MMC64 has a clockport for expansions like RR-Net, and a pass-through for other expansion cards. This pass-through is 100% compatible with the Retro Replay - both expansions can be used in their full functionality at the same time. MMC64 will be available for 49,- EUR starting february 2005, and will be demonstrated for the first time at the TUM party in Hemsbach, Germany (december 27th to 29th, 2004).

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